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Why offer such a difficult Altriman race ?

The objective was never to strictly look for difficulty. We have tried to trace the courses based on the areas and locations we wanted participants to discover. The adaptations of the course were not made to increase difficulty of the race, but to make it more enjoyable (avoiding dangerous or delicate areas).

I’d like to participate in the Altriman, but I’m afraid to feel “alone” on the bike course. Am I right ?

Many participants worry about this. However, unless you are among the leaders of the race or the very last, you will only rarely be alone. Since each participant has a different speed in hills, descents, flat areas (ok there aren’t many of those!!!), you will regularly catch up with people depending on your profile. In addition, on this distance, all participants have speed variations, which also contribute to winning or losing places...

I only have 10 hours to train per week. Can I still hope to finish the Altriman ?

Of course you can! If you have a little experience with Triathlons and proper race management, 10 hours of weekly training should enable you to complete the adventure. We must stop “mystifying” this distance. No, you don’t have to train 20 hours per week just to finish an Ironman...

Why have you changed the bike course on the Half and Olympic distances ?

Although it is a beautiful course, certain areas where difficult in terms or race management for the organizers (areas in Le Angles, several complicated intersections…). In addition, the Creu pass is quite dangerous...
However, no need to worry, the new course is just as beautiful. Also, it will allow you to have a taste of the mythical Altriman, by sharing the last 30 or 50 km on the bike course.

What is the weather like at that time of year? And what about water temperature ?

July is generally very nice and very sunny. A few thunder storms tend to break out in the evening, but they are not as violent as in August. Although temperatures are cool in the morning, they can climb quickly as soon as the sun comes out. Highs can reach 30°C.
Water temperatures vary between 16.5°C and 18.5°C depending on the weather in June.

Are there any leisure or tourist activities in the area ?

"Le Capcir" is a great vacation spot. In addition to many hiking paths, the area offers a selection of activities : outain biking, Paragliding, Swimming, Forest climbing parks, horseback riding…as well as many interesting places to visit: The Animal Park at Les Angles, the Fontrabiouse grotto...

Any other questions ? Please don’t hesitate to contact us...


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